Rawhide - The Blues Brothers (5/9) Movie CLIP (1980) HD

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Muzyka Country jest super, to jest to.

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2:28... a bona-fide country mosh pit.
Confira este vídeo no YouTube:
Bad music: Throw some bottles!
Good music: Throw more bottles!
I don't get it...
Best TV Show Theme Music ....#9 RAWHIDE! From the show of the same name ... starring a very young Clint Eastwood ... Rawhide is sung here by the Blues Brothers (Originally sung by Rawdy Yates)  ... any cooler than this and you are in deep freeze mamma!
I want my most hated musicians if you can even call then that? of all time to play there without the screen in the way if course, that includes Nickelback, Bieber, Usher, Lady Gaga,, Tommy Lee, David Lee Roth, Lars Ulrich and Axel Rose even though he probably won't show up anyways.
What musicians you hate deserve to be up here?
always puts a smile on my face to see/hear this stuff.

thanks +Tony Miller  :)
The Good Old Blues Brothers Boys Band, from Chicago.


Why was music so much better back then?

I love how Elwood is singing, and Jakes just standing there giving the "pissed off stare" LoL

whats the song at the start??
Blues Brothers trying to handle country music crowd. Funny.
Love how they are still throwing bottles.

this movie will never get old to me lol
It`s a good thing they are all wearing sunglasses to protect their eyes from all that broken glass flying around.
Holy Shit! It`s like they are firing those beer bottles out of a cannon.
Więcej znajdziesz tu - świnie.