MALDIVES Relaxing Chill-Out Luxury Lounge

Oglądalność kawałka MALDIVES Relaxing Chill-Out Luxury Lounge to obecnie 7248486, czas - długość m s, zerknij też na ciekawą dyskusję na jego temat, a ocena wasza to 17777.


Muzyka Country jest super, to jest to.

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all are very beautiful scenery same relax us
You might think people from the Maldives care a lot about the tourism industry and stuff having to do with being a tropical paradise. But really, the British Virgin Islands have a big football game with them every year.  That's all they care about.  They just pretend to like you and to be happy until you go away, and then they get back to watching their football, which they have big grudges about.  And if any team loses the game, all the players are sent away in a canoe and banished from the island forever.
~BEAUTIFUL!~ Thank You :-))
Maldives*Relax*Sea*Ocean Views
No thanks Greece is both cheaper and I prefer it.
Мальдивы расслабляющий Chill-Out Lounge Luxury
Мальдивы расслабляющий Chill-Out Lounge Luxury
I will die and I will not see this!!!!
Fuck the life !!!!!!!!!!!!!
it looks much more sad and abandoned, than luxury to me...
nice spot :) Reserved to those who are at the top in $ terms.

Many nations dependent on the tourism industry suffer from highly unequal wealth distribution. I presume tourists remain in their "perfect world" safe from other "realities".
To relax... ♥ ♥ ♥ 


Это просто потрясающе
Kurdistan have beautiful mountains.The mountains are endless and big.
Good video! an example that is not always needed a sexy girl suggestive and insinuating as image to draw attention.
I like it very much, do you like it!
Więcej znajdziesz tu - brak ciekawych informacji dodatkowo.